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Scented Babe | Uplift

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 Our Uplift Essential Oil Scented Babe. The scent is made of a relaxing mix of pure essential oils; sweet orange warmed by spicy ginger, black pepper, and smooth woody accents

This Babe will add sophistication and beauty to your home, workplace, event or as a beautiful gift.

Please see our postage and returns page for info and make sure to read our candle care page for all details and instructions.

Please contact if you have any custom order enquiries, we would love to help.

Our candles are made only from the highest quality, sustainably sourced, eco friendly materials. We absolutely do not use paraffin's or chemicals in our products as we believe in clean products that are both good for you and our planet.


Scent: Pure Essential Oils

Weight: XL 390g / S 85g

Size: 20cm / 10cm

Wax: 100% eco friendly soy wax

Wick: 100% eco Cotton wick

Colouring: Natural Dye

Burn time: Approx XL 2.5hr / S 20min+


Disclaimer: As all of our babes are handmade they may vary slightly in colour. Also due to the nature of using an all natural wax and mould of this shape they may have light imperfections such as frosting (texture looking effect) or small bubbles sometimes. Unfortunately this can't always be helped but we try to minimise this as much as possible.